Rent or Buy

Men’s Shop is an Authorized Dealer for Jim’s Formal Wear LLC, which has 50+ years in the tuxedo business. Make them the experts you can count on! With 5,000 retail locations and seven service centers, JFW is right where you need them to be. More than 40 tuxedo styles and thousands of colorful accessory combinations are available.

We Offer

  • Direct Delivery for out-of-town members
  • Rent or Buy options to outfit the entire party and save them.
  • For Purchase Program for the customer that wants to buy
  • Direct Delivery allows some or all of the party to choose delivery to any valid address in the continental U.S. for only $12 EXTRA.
  • High quality suits and tuxedos in ultra slim and slim styles that fit all shapes and sizes.

We offer FIVE designer suits for purchase or rental. Let us repeat that: We offer five designer suits for PURCHASE or RENTAL!

Looking for a designer suit for your wedding day? We offer five for RENTAL or PURCHASE from Michael Kors and Allure Men!! OWN your special day! Buy a Michael Kors or Allure Men suit for your wedding to remember the day forever! Kors and Allure Men suits for purchase or rental!

Our Designer Suits

  • Michael Kors Navy Sterling
  • Michael Kors Blue Performance
  • Michael Kors Steel Grey
  • Michael Kors Medium Grey
  • Allure Men Heather Grey

Buy Option:

  • Now you can OWN your suit and your groomsmen can rent the same look!
  • Now everyone in your wedding party can decide what's best for them. Our most popular styles can be yours for a lifetime or for a day!
  • We've added a new BLACK Michael Kors Wedding Suit that will be available for RENTAL or PURCHASE!!!
  • Rent-or-Buy Captions Have the groom buy his Hunter Green suit and the guys rent the Sand Brunswick!
  • Rent or Buy options give the groom the option to buy his suit without forcing everyone in the party to do the same.

When it comes to renting the right fit is what matters most, here at the Men’s Shop, we are experts when it comes to taking the right measurements, and if anything goes wrong, don’t worry the suits are delivered 3 days before the event so we will overnight a replacement at zero cost to you or anyone in your party.

Enough said please schedule your appointment to stop by and look at our selections.